Friday, April 21, 2006

Progress Report


Well, where do I start? The URL was the most important acquisition of this phase. The hardest part is getting the silent partner to pony-up & realize the importance of boring stuff, like writing in this blog!! Until he joins in, I'm all you got. So, with out further delay... - o -

  • 5 stroke URL
  • Apps & Legal done
  • Base HTML done
  • Basic Layout & Organization implemented
  • I Forums, places where people meet on line to have conversations of limited scope or subject.
  • II Groups, collections of people that share common interest in a particular scope or subject.
  • III Pages, in this reference, we mean our pages held by other sites.
  • IV Map, You'll see. That's all we're gonna say! Many Thanks to BJG


Here are some of the 'tiny nitch' goals just the two of us had in the very beginning.

  • A LOW keystroke count !!!
  • A PLACE to put together a display of random art accompanied by randomly selected 'motes' of music.
  • A GROUP of people other than just us two, to utilize any possible features that may arise, later on.
  • A WAY to have all the eventual users interact with both their presence & their on-line profile, in near real time.
  • A REASON for Artist & Musicians to be attracted to, and keep utilizing a site &/or service; in the first place.

Oh, yea! Did we mention the low keystroke count, yet? That was real important. It goes without further explanation that the URL had to relate to the group of people that we intended to serve. Some sort of flashy gimmick, or neat application, or such. Something that would really reach out and grab your attention.

Anyway, I'm done with the base coding & handed it off TO TRUSTEE & Thanks for your early interest !!

Well, maybe later... - o -